Why photography chose me...

I was thinking today why photography chose me… I thought I’d share it with you. 

The day my son started his final year of High School (2008) was the day I realised that the one ‘job’ I loved was coming to an end, but it might just be creating the time I’d need to follow my true passion. I knew the joy photography had brought me over the years capturing and documenting my kids lives - and as they were leaving the nest, my love for photography was also taking flight. I had for years been collecting lenses, cameras, editing software, books on lighting, you name it, as I became more passionate towards my work. I wanted to evolve my hobby in a more meaningful way, so I enrolled in a 24 week certification program through The Photography Institute in Vancouver. I wanted to capture for others the memorable moments I had so enjoyed capturing for myself, my family and friends and it’s happening! Thanks again to all my supporters who came out to the launch, I’m already enjoying working with great new clients. At the end of the day, I’d simply say follow your passion and make it your job… it is possible! Happy weekend everyone! 

Upload from May 13, 2012

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